Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Revive Carpet Care Solutions develops methods designed specifically for the commercial environment...

The carpet installed in your premises represents a significant investment, but also forms part of a major role in contributing to the total image people have of your company or business. Despite the fact that clean carpets may not even be noticed, dirty carpets certainly will.  You can protect both your investment and your image by letting Revive Carpet Care Solutions create a personalized Maintenance Plan for you. Let our knowledge and technology combine provide your business with this plan to consistently keep your carpets fresh and clean all the time!

The advantage of our method:

  • No over-wet carpets
  • No bad odours
  • No recurring spill stains
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No disruption to your work (we work around your schedule)
  • Yes!! to fresh clean carpets.

Some of our happy customers include: property managers, business offices, real estate agents, rental property owners, professional offices, gyms, restaurants and more.

The key to complete in-deph thorough clean starts with our Multi-Step process:

1) The Pre-Inspection

This step combines an honest client-technician discussion of the areas expected to be clean and the proper identification of any stains to be removed.

It is extremely important to establish the accurate specialized chemicals to use on each stain. This can only take place if the spills are properly identify as the incorrect cleaning procedure can cause the stain to reappear.

2) The Pre-Vacuum

This is a very important step because dry soil constitutes 80% of the total soil in your carpets. The thorough vacuuming using a Powerhead attachment removes the dirt hidden in the fibers and prepares the carpets for the successful completion of the cleaning process.

Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners skip this step to save time leaving behind a build-up of soil and as a result achieving only a poor quality clean.

3) The Pre-Spotting

All spots, stains and traffic lanes are treated with a specific spotting agent for maximum restoration.

4)The Pre-Soaking

This process is the application of fine spraying to all areas including traffic lanes with a neutral pre-spray formulation to penetrate the fibers.

5) The Extraction & Flushing

Once the carpets are ready for this step, our state-of-the-art Hot Water Extractor provides unmatched cleaning power by thoroughly flushing and extracting the carpet pile.The pressure and heat are regulated to prevent the carpets being over-wet and allowing faster drying time.

In cases were the carpets are medium to heavily soiled we use the Rotovac System for superior results.

6) The Grooming and Speed Dry

The carpet pile is groomed with the aid of a specially designed broom and set in one direction to help the drying process. High velocity air movers are placed on the carpet to lessen the drying time.

7) Post Inspection

Our technician will take you through the premises to show you the final result making sure you are completely satisfied with the job.

Please note that every achievable step is taken to remove old stains or spots but regrettably there are instances where every single technique applied cannot completely remove them.